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CustomWritingHelp.org is able meet your most sophisticated needs with any type of academic assignment. Our experts will thoroughly examine your requirements and provide you the most optimal solution. The high level of expertise of our team ensures top quality result of our work. Your draft essay will be a 100% hand crafted original text. You can also send us your paper for proofreading, editing or formatting to make sure that it is flawless and ready for submission.

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Select the type of dissertation writing service you need, the number of pages, the subject, format, references then specify the deadline of completion. You need to indicate all the necessary procedures and instructions in the order form. Proceed and attach all the relevant materials.

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You can go ahead and communicate with your writer through direct chatting once your order has been assigned. In addition to this, we have our customer support team that is always online 24/7. You can always inquire from them on the progress of your order.

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Once your order has been successfully finished, we will notify you by sending you an email. In order to view your paper, you simply need to log into your account and download the same.

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24/7 customer support

We have our competent and receptive support team that is not only caring but will also attend to all your concerns and questions.

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With our website, you do not have to worry even if you have an urgent order due in a few hours. All you need to do is to place an order and wait for the timely delivery of your paper from our writers.

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We offer a free and unlimited review of your dissertation paper in cases where you are not satisfied with the standard of the work.

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With our PhD dissertation writing services, we assure you that we will guarantee you originality in your work. This we achieve by subjecting your papers through Turnitin so that it eliminates any form of plagiarism that may be detected. We aim to present you with work, which is 100% unique in all aspects.

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Because our aim is to support the students, we have a refund policy that ensures you are refunded your money in instances where you are sure the writer was entirely out of context and that there are no chances of revising the proposal. All you need to do is to initiate the same with our online support team.

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We have the main target, which is to assist various students; that is why our prices are very friendly to everyone so that they can afford it. We also offer discounts to our long term clients.

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Most of our writers are from the top 100 universities in the world holding Masters and PhD degrees. Therefore, we assure you that your work will be assigned to the most qualified and competent expert in your area of specialization.

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With our website, you do not have to undergo the stress of waiting for too long for your order to be assigned. This is because our support managers are always there to ensure that your paper has been designated as fast as possible.

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We are so efficient to the extent that you can log in anytime and check with your writer on the progress of the work. In situations where your writer is offline, our ever online 24/7 customer support team will always come to your rescue and inform you on how your order is progressing.

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We have diverse writers in all academic fields who can handle any topic ranging from Culture and Literature to Civil Engineering and Python.

Thesis Help with Any Dissertation Chapter

Most dissertations typically consist of 10-12 chapters. Many students find themselves spending a lot of time, even six months working on an individual project/thesis. The research stage is usually, more prolonged, which may even take like 1-2 years before it is submitted. We are always ready and willing to assist you at any stage of your project. All you need is to place an order and receive our quality PhD dissertation writing services. If you cannot manage all the findings on time because you are busy in one way or the other feel free to contact us. We have professional writers with doctoral degrees in your field of study who will attend to your thesis at any stage.

Title page

We do not charge you the front page of the paper when you contact us to help you do your thesis. All you need to do is type your full names when submitting the document. We have a captivating cover page of the dissertation which will reveal to you how serious we are and guarantee you a high score in your degree. We also write informational page where you need the same.


In most cases, you may be directed to give an explanation on why you have selected a particular topic using a clear brief and background. If you have no clue, just inform the writer working on your dissertation to include the same in the document. In the dissertation writing journey, several people may have assisted you to come up with the same therefore, the preface will be used for that purpose


This part is very critical in any degree project. Acknowledgment section will help you recognize all the people that have been of help in your assignment. There is a thin line between acknowledgment and preface which lies on the number of people you would like to appreciate. Whereas you need to name a few people to go for preface while on the other hand if you need to recognize many characters, then acknowledgment will form part and parcel of the thesis.


Most students find it challenging to come up with the abstract. The abstract explains why the selected topic of the dissertation and the content should be read. It focuses on the problems, the steps that have been taken to highlight the issue at hand, and most importantly the reason why it is relevant for the scholar community to have knowledge on the selected topic.

Table of contents

This is one of the most technical parts in any dissertation in that it gives clear guidance on all chapters of your thesis by directing the readers on the relevant pages to get information that is needed. This section of table contents makes works easier in that you can peruse through the document and trace all information without any difficulty. To save yourself time, all you need to do is to inform your writer to indicate it in your report.


This section requires that you inform your readers with the terms used in the document and their specific explanations. This list should be derived in the alphabetical order composed of abbreviations, figures, and tables. Again as a student, you do not have to struggle coming up with glossary. Just delegate the same to the writer and put your efforts on other important things as a student.


You need to come up with introduction once the topic has been set and the preparatory stage is done with. This entails a thorough analysis and synthesis of significant sources. Our writers will not only give you a captivating topic and a thesis statement but also come up with a comprehensive insight regarding the subject being handled. This section should be gotten write in that it will either motivate or demotivate to continue reading your project. We have competent writers who have the capacity to come up with a very interesting and engaging introduction which you stand to benefit from.

Literature review

We also offer dissertation proposal writing services ranging from testing and coming up with a reasonable hypothesis. This can be best achieved through the usage of sources of reference that will not only formulate the hypothesis but also back it. This section of the literature review will be composed of all the literature sources used while conducting the research with proper justifications why those particular sources were settled on. Most students fight this task very difficult by virtue of it, requiring him or her to be very keen. As a result of this, we are always there to help you come up with a proper literature review so that you can concentrate on other vital sections of the thesis.


A writer will always come up with conclusions on various results by applying a number of research methodologies. Explaining and describing such outcomes in an organized and coherent manner may not be easy for a student that has never done a degree paper previously. We assure you that you can get that service from us.


During the research, there is a possibility that you will come up with outcomes which may have various interpretations. As a student, you should use the summary section to demonstrate how the thesis statement relates to your research. This can only be achieved in cases where you can prove that your hypothesis is correct or in some instances, you may want to conclude that the initial hypothesis was not right or accurate in the first place. We have writers with a masters degree who can assist you come up with a reasonable conclusion matching that of a postgraduate student.

Reference list

In order to earn a top grade, you need to derive quotes from competent sources to justify your point of view in a subject matter. These quotes should be well referenced in the text and shown in the bibliography or reference list. Doing this will enable you to avoid blatant plagiarism. Also, you need to understand the citation style required whether APA, MLA, OSCOLA, or Chicago. Most students do not get it right when it comes to styling; hence, their papers will usually be sent back so that they revise the same. To avoid this, you should contact us so that we connect you with our skilled writers who will not only perform the in-text citation for you but also handle the list of references and proper formatting.


In most cases, you find that some documents that were utilized during writing are ignored when it comes to the dissertation. To take care of such materials with a proper presentation, all you need to do is rely on our experienced writers who have done a number of thesis papers. They understand all the requirements that should be followed to come up with a dissertation that is top-class.

Smooth Submission. Perfect Defense. Well-Earned Degree

Thesis writing assistance is one of the most legitimate avenues of streamlining the quality of your project. We have more than 700 writers who are above board in more than 30 different subjects with the capacity to handle any thesis which is difficult or urgent. Some orders may be so immediate with a short deadline; hence we can assure you that we will complete it in the shortest time possible. As much as the paper may be very long, we are always committed to complete it prior to the deadline. In case you need to have a taste of how your 100-page document will look like, then worry no more because we will present you with a one-page summary. This will prepare you to defend your thesis in instances where you are needed to.

In cases where the supervising committee subjects your paper for plagiarism check then do not worry because our papers are 100% unique with individual requirements taken into consideration. You can go ahead and upload your paper to Turnitin so that everyone knows that the article you are presenting is free from plagiarism. Always request for dissertation services like the plagiarism report-optional to prove that the document is unique from the word go.

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