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Once the most qualified writer is assigned to your online course, you can communicate through messages in your account or through our esteemed support team available 24/7 in case you have an urgent matter.

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If you wish, your writer will constantly update you on the progress of the online course. Additionally, you will also receive copies of every assignment submitted to the course for back up purposes. You will be notified once the course is completed and you can reset your login information if you so wish.

Guaranteed Benefits of our Service

Highly Qualified Writers

Our team of writers comprises of MBA, MS and PhD holders in diverse fields from top ranking universities around the world. This means that we will always have qualified writers to handle your online course regardless of your field of specialization. Your online class will be assigned to the most qualified writer in your field of specialization.


24/7 Customer Support

Our customer support team comprises of professional yet friendly individuals who are always ready to answer your questions and to guide you through our processes and systems at whatever time.


Fair prices

Since we were all once students, we understand your financial situation more than anyone else. We therefore offer our services at very friendly prices and we also give you flexible payment schedules.


Frequent Briefing about course progress

Your writer will update you constantly about the progress of your online course and even brief you about various tasks if you so wish. You can also follow up with our 24/7 support team about your online course at any time.


Refund Policy

In the event that you are not satisfied with the performance in the online course, please consult our support team and they will organize for a refund. However, we will always monitor the progress of your online course and intervene by assigning another writer to the course before it is too late.


Plagiarism Policy

Our writers are experts in providing purely original material and all the assignments will be subjected to a plagiarism checker before they are submitted to your university or college.


Coverage of all subjects

Our able writers cover perfectly all areas of academic writing, ranging from literature, engineering, culture, religion, and many others.


Take my online Class; the ultimate academic guardian angel

Online courses continue to gain popularity among students because they offer a level of flexibility that is not otherwise present in the traditional learning setup. Even so, students find themselves still struggling to balance their academic life with all the other things going on in their lives such as work, raising a family, traveling abroad among other activities. This way, you might find yourself wondering whether you should drop the online course and postpone pursuing your academic goals altogether. Lucky for you, it is possible to get online course help from a professional.


We help students with online courses for diverse subjects. We give online learning even more flexibility because all you have to do is to enroll for the course and leave the rest to us. Our team of expert writers will help you full online courses, specific assignments and tests, and they will even help you finish a course in case you find yourself stuck along the way. Just make sure to contact us soon enough when we can still guarantee you a high grade. With our online course help services, you do not have to postpone your dreams or limit yourself to achieve one thing at a time. We take full control of your academic objectives and give you the motivation to pursue other goals in life.

We are your ultimate academic guardian angel because we take up your online classes and all the responsibilities that come with them as if they were our own. This is how much we care about your academic success.

How is it even possible for someone to take my online class for me?

You are probably wondering how it is possible to get online course help from another person. Well, it is actually easier than you can imagine. Or maybe it seems easier for us because we have over ten years of experience and we have worked with thousands of clients. Although we are geographically locate in the United States, we work with clients from diverse backgrounds. We have successfully worked with both local and international students and we continue to attract even more clients. At the same time, we understand the risk that comes with paying someone to do your homework especially for international students who might feel that it might become too obvious that they are seeking help from a third party and this is considered as an academic misconduct. As such, we carefully recruit writers from diverse backgrounds to ensure that the specific needs of each client are adequately matched with the most ideal expert from our team.


As an online course provider, we take pride in our team of the highly qualified support team who are available to guide you as you place your first order with us. They will also keep you informed about the progress of the online course if you so wish. Otherwise, if you do not wish to be involved in any way especially for the purely online courses, we will respect that and our esteemed experts will work tirelessly to guarantee you a high grade.

Why should I pay someone to take my online class?

When you decide to pay someone to take your online class, you will benefit in various ways.

  Achieve a balance between academic and other aspects of life

By now you have figured out that there is more to life than burying your head into books. Of course, you have bills and tuition fees to pay so you need a stable source of income. By allowing us to help you with your online class, you get much more time to concentrate on other goals. You can rest assured that your academic success is taken care of.

  Always meet the deadline for various tasks

When juggling between professional and academic goals, it can be hard to remain consistent in both. By getting online class help, you are assured that all the essays and tests will be submitted on time. This way, you do not risk losing marks unnecessarily especially where late submission attracts penalties or even stringent measures such as failing the class.

  Get the highest scores in tests and assignments

The writer assigned to your online class spends a substantial amount of time every week studying the assigned materials for the course. For this reason, it is very easy to obtain high marks as compared to when you are doing the course yourself and you might not have the time to focus on the course. Our team of writers is also continuously trained thereby equipping them with the skills they need to pass online courses.

  Maintain a remarkable profile at the university

Allowing us to help you work on your online course gives you a positive image at the university because your assignments will be done according to the provided instructions, they will be submitted on time, and they will always be original because we are very strict on Plagiarism. Every paper is first put through plagiarism checker before submission.

  Security and privacy policy

We value your privacy and we assure you that your personal information is never shared with anyone else apart from the support team and the writer assigned to you. At the same time, our writers and support team are trained on confidentiality which means that they will never use your information outside our systems. We have also put in place security measures to ensure that the sensitive information does not fall into the wrong hand which has been happening to some of our competitors.


How much will it cost me to get online class help?

While our competitors care more about the money that you pay them to take your online class, our focus is mostly on helping you pass the class first, and then we think of the payment second. We understand that students are strained financially and therefore we tailor our service within their budget. At the same time, we understand that not all online courses are the same. Some are shorter than others while some are more complex than others. As such, we offered customized prices for each course that you need help with but all our prices remain within a very affordable range.


Most of our past and current clients have even indicated that our prices are so fair that they view them as a way of showing appreciation to our team of experts as opposed to paying for such high quality services. We also have a discount policy where our return clients get discounted prices as well as for referring other clients to us. This way, we enjoy customer loyalty and our clients also get the privilege to pay through flexible schedules before, during and after the online course is completed. They also get to privilege to retain the same writer or request for a specific one if they so wish.


The biggest monetary gain for hiring someone to do your homework is that you are guaranteed to pass the course as opposed to if you choose to do it yourself and risk failing. This is because if you failed the course you will risk paying hefty tuition fees to re-do the course. You might also risk discontinuation in the case of universities and colleges that have strict student performance policies. The small fee that you pay us to ace your homework is therefore insignificant in the light of all the things that you are bound to achieve.

Are there any genuine online course providers?

You are not the first person to question the character of online course providers given the negative publicity that some online providers have been receiving. While we cannot say the same about our competitors, we are a genuine online course provider that is in business to create meaningful interactions with our clients and not just make money. We understand your hesitation in trusting online course service providers because we have seen customers complain that some of our competitors ripped them off high amount of money but never delivered the promised quality of services.


With us it is different. We strive to cultivate the trust of students seeking to pay some to help them with their online classes. We even allow our loyal customers to pay in flexible installments as we work on their assignments while some of our competitors demand the full amount before they deliver the service and end up not providing the service altogether.

In our service delivery, we do not take any short cuts. Every assignment is treated with a high sense of urgency and importance. All papers are subjected through plagiarism checker because we do not want to put you in trouble with the University or College but not all service providers are ready to do this.


Which Specific services do I get if I hire someone to do my homework for me?


Ø  Help with on diverse subjects

A lot of students are skeptical at first because they are afraid that we may not have a writer who can handle their homework. However, our team of tutors and writers are experienced across diverse fields and they can handle every subject that you need help with.

Ø  Weekly discussions

Majority of online courses have weekly discussions where students are expected to interact with fellow students and their professors as well. Our writers will represent you fully in these discussions by posting information that is relevant to the discussions every week.

Ø  Essay and research paper writing

We will help you to write all the essays and research papers assigned in the course and ensure that the final document is plagiarism free, relevant and submitted within the set deadline.

Ø  Quizzes, tests and final exams

We will help you to complete the assigned quizzes and tests online as well as guarantee you high grades. Also, in the event that the final exam is to be done on campus, do not panic. We will collaborate with you and have the assigned writer brief you about the course and even help you pass the exam.

Ø  We will help you purchase the required books

Sometimes finding the required books is very tiresome. We will help you obtain e-text versions of the required books early enough to ensure that the writer working on your course is always up-to-date with the course modules.  

Ø  A dedicated team working with you

If you are looking to pay someone to do your homework online, look no further. At Take my Online Class, we have the most competent team to ensure to work on your assignments. Whether you are looking for a tutor, a writer, or just someone to consult about a serious decision, just contact us and we will help you to the best of our ability.