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What Is Religious Studies?

When you get down to it, religion is a subjective term, often with a contested academic definition, depending on who is involved. This is because the term religion has shifted in meaning throughout its history. The English word religion has little to do with the Latin term religion, from which the modern word is derived. Religio describes the socially acceptable cultic duties that people did for the gods.

In general, when people speak of religion, they often speak of religion in the sense of the major or organized forms of religion. Religio means culture. According to Wikipedia, religion means a socio-cultural system of practice, behaviors, morals, involving several spiritual elements.

The Difference between Theology and Religious Studies

David Ford, Professor of Theology at Cambridge University, defines Theology as thinking about questions raised by and about religion. These questions, including those about meaning or truth or beauty or best practices on how we live our lives. Theology is often self-critical, and self-reflecting as theologians are designated persons who critique and encourages members of a particular faith. On the other hand, a religious study is a different academic discipline that is not inherently interested in the questions that a certain religion raises. Religious studies focus on the human dimension of religion instead of on the politics and rituals tied around religion.

3 Common Types of Religions

Christianity: Christianity is a faith that bases its beliefs and teachings on Jesus. Christianity is the most practiced religion in the world, with over 2.4 billion believers. People who practice this form of religion are called Christians and worship in a church.
Islam: Islam is a religion founded on the notions of Mohamed as the eternal maker and creator. Islamists or Muslims make up the second-largest religious group across the globe. Many of such worshipers attend the mosque as a place of common worship.
Hinduism: Hinduism is mostly a common religious practice in India. Hindus are the oldest and third largest religious group. They are individual practitioners rather than communal ones. Unlike Christianity and Islam, Hinduism does not have an appointed leader who oversees a congregation of worshippers.

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