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Top 10 Important Criteria for Choosing the Best Essay Writing Service


You may often come to such a situation in your academic journey when a small help can get you a big smile. A best essay writing service is something that can reduce your stress and become a reason for your happy student life. When you are struggling with a tough assignment and need urgent help, essay writing services come in handy for you. It gives you relief from overload and helps you focus on other important subjects.

It is normal that not every student is blessed with the same talent and proficiency. Even a topper can face difficulties in his or her academic life anytime. So to handle the academic challenges and save the grades under certain circumstances, taking help from an essay writing service is a very common scenario nowadays. However, to make the academic career smooth and easier, essay writing services presently are in high demand.

But the question is which essay writing service you should choose among a thousand of options available and what criteria a best essay writing service should have? Choosing the right essay writing service is one of the biggest problems that every student faces. But if you know the art of using a particular resource to its finest potential and selecting the most authentic and reliable essay writing service, you can enjoy your academic life more.

Why You Should Choose the Best Essay Writing Service?

The essay writing industry all over the world is booming day by day because of the increasing demand for services. With the rising pressures of academic activities, a large number of students fail to meet the deadlines. Some students fail to meet the deadline due to their sickness, some fail due to their overloads, and some fail due to get some extra time to focus on other important subjects and so on. Therefore, students choose an essay writing service for a variety of reasons.

When the matter is to seek help from an essay writing service, then it is a wise job to rely on a reputed essay writing service provider. As it is associated with getting a good grade, you should not put that important responsibility on the wrong hand. Not all the students are blessed with good writing skills. But every student wants a good grade within their capability. So they seek for the best essay writing service to secure a good grade.

Often time students have to go through a tight schedule. They even do not get time to take a breath in relax. They need to handle several projects at the same time. As a result, their pressure and fear lift up high due to the risk of losing the grade. In a situation like this, there is no other way for them without taking help from a good essay writing service. Consequently, they need to tackle the situation by taking essay writing assistance from a service provider.

Although many claim that some students go for these services because of their laziness. But the numbers of this type of students are really very few. The actual fact behind taking help from a writing service is that students always try to beat serious deadlines or they have a deficit in their writing skills.

Are Essay Writing Services Illegal?

There are arguments on whether essay writing services are illegal or not. In some point of views like ethics or honesty, it may seem illegal. But in reality, there is no law that prohibits students from purchasing papers from outsides or online services. This is a clear indication of the legitimacy of the essay writing services. A company that provides essay writing service in exchange for a specific amount of charge is considered as a legal service provider.

However, your professor will never give you a high grade if they come to know that you have paid for your essay to be written by a professional. Naturally, every professor expects writings from you that are fully written by you. Because of the fact, you should always look for the best essay writing Service Company that holds a strong privacy and confidentiality policy.

Despite all the arguments, essay writing services have become a great necessity for students. The demand for the essay writing services is increasing greatly day by day. But to take advantage of high demands of essay writing services, a lot of fake companies have come in the industry. That is why it becomes tough for students to choose the best essay writing service. There are some common criteria for companies that provide writing services.

Important Criteria for Choosing the Best Essay Writing Service Provider

Below are some of the most important criteria a good writing service provider should contain. It will help you come up with a decision about the best essay writing service provider. Let us take a look at those criteria:

Go Through the Student Reviews of the Service

One of the best ways to determine whether a service is legitimate or not is going through the reviews customers have submitted regarding that specific service. It helps you choose the best one among thousands of alternatives. That’s why you must inspect some essay writing service review websites on the internet that are exclusively enthusiastic about posting student reviews about different academic solution providers.

By reading the feedback of previous students or users on that specific academic service, you will get a great deal of information to take further action. Sometimes you may get some fake reviews, but there are plenty of original reviews that will help you come up with your decision. The best way to determine genuine reviews is to go through several reviewing websites. So your first step to choosing the best essay writing service is going through the student reviews of that particular service.

Gather Information About the Writers

The more you can gather information about the essay writer, the easier it becomes for you to take the right decision. The expertise of writers of the service provider will determine the quality of papers you will get. Essay writing service providers will not reveal if they have the under-qualified writer. It is your job to find out whether the service provider has any poor quality writer or not. It is common that there are some service providers that do not have Ph.D. writers and native speakers.

Customer reviews are one of the good options to look if you want to know the level of expertise of the writer or the service. You can also look for recommendations from your friends or acquaintances to know about the writers. You should never take this matter lightly as the quality of the writers ensures the quality of your papers. If you find that many customers are complaining of poor quality of the writers or service, then it is time to look elsewhere for better options.

Content Quality of the Essay

The most important aspect of any essay is its quality as you are going to get the majority of the marks based on the quality of the content. Writing an essay with good vocabulary and concept is not enough; you need to check the unity, coherence, and clarity of the content. Good quality content or essay should be well researched, well crafted and have a good writing style. You should make sure that the essay you are getting is grammatically correct, and the structure of the essay is in flow.

Checking some specifications such as the referencing styles, font, and the number of words per page, etc. of the paper will help you understand the quality of the essay. Try to avoid those services that promise you low prices but deliver few words per page, which means that you will end up paying more compared to the quality of the assignment. The best essay writing services states their formatting styles, font, the number of words per page, and margin among other aspects, etc. So you should go to a service provider that ensures such criteria.

Custom Essay Writing service company has a wide reputation for providing quality essays, thesis papers, term papers, assignments, and other academic writings. A large number of students and previous users have submitted positive feedback for the service provider. If you compare their services to other providers, you will understand the reason for mentioning their name here.

Make Sure the Content is Plagiarism-free

No matter how creative your content is or how nicely it is presented, if your content is not plagiarism-free then it is not tolerated in the academic field. You will not find out any professor who accepts plagiarized content. So to ensure the highest grades, the plagiarism-free essay is a must. Plagiarism issue is one of the worst practices for any essay writing services that can lead you to accept a bad situation. It can destroy your grades as well as your confidence. That is why you must check whether the content you are getting from an essay writing service is plagiarism-free or not.

A committed essay writing service always ensures plagiarism-free papers and provides plagiarism report (If customers demand that) to the students because they know the importance of this. Whatever the situation is, a reputed service provider does not compromise with this. You can make sure whether any service provider offers plagiarized content or not by also going through the student reviews and user recommendations on various reviewing websites regarding the service.

Precision and Good Readability of the Essay

Good quality content provides a clear message and contains easy-to-understand characteristic. You will see there are several service providers that often deliver content with irrelevant information for the sake of increasing the word counts. But precision and good readability is the life of an essay where the opinions do not contradict with each other. Sometimes the essay does not necessarily need to be easy to read but the preciseness is a must.

Again you can go through some reviewing websites or take recommendations from your friends to know which service providers deliver contents with good precision and excellent readability. A good academic service solution provider offers the opportunity of several revisions along with the precision and readability of your essay. So you should check whether the provider offers revision so that you can correct the essay. This really matters a lot to get a good grade after submitting your paper.

Delivery Time of the Essay

A reputed and reliable service gives great importance to the timeframe to complete your assignment. It is very crucial for you to submit your paper on time. Failing to submit your paper on time results in poor grade, and that is not expected for any student. So sometimes thing goes like this ‘cheap is expensive’. Some writing services offer very low prices but take a longer time to complete your assignment. As a result, you fall in risk. So you should check the matter with good care while choosing an essay writing service.

Sometimes you will get some reliable services that offer to refund your money if they fail to deliver your assignment on time, which does not save you from danger. If you miss the deadline, most of the time, all your hopes of getting a good grade will spoil. Moreover, it can hamper your reputation in your academic premise. So there is no alternative for you to compensate for this. That is why you should inspect whether the provider delivers on time or not. Customer reviews can also help you determine whether or not the services are timely. Never and ever go for a writing service if prior customers are complaining of late deliveries.

Affordable Price but no Compromise with Quality

As a student, you may consider prices as you are always on a budget, but it is not a good thing to base your decision on price alone. Some services can cost you less but deliver poor quality work. There are some services that also cost you less but never compromise with the quality of your assignment. So to ensure a good grade and keep control of your financial situation, you should check prices in relation to the quality of your essay.

Before placing an order for your essay, you should ask the service provider regarding their pricing strategy. It would also be a good thing if you ask for some sample writings with a specific budget. In this way, you can determine how much you have to pay for your essay and what would be the quality of your essay. It is not true that charging high prices can ensure you the best quality. So inspecting all the things would be a wise decision before you go for an essay writing service.

This is another criterion that Custom Essay Writing Company always follows irrespective of the situation and demands. You will easily get many service companies that provide quality writing service but charges a high price. Again you will easily get many service companies that charge a low price but there are questions related to the quality of service. So you will hardly get any service provider that has a great combination of low price and good quality of the services. But Custom Essay Writing remains as an exception since its establishment to provide writing service with affordable price but not compromising with the quality.

The Essay is written by the Expert or Professional

Only the expert, professional, and impressive writers can write the best essay for you. There is no alternative to expertise in writing anything. You must consider the expertise of the writers because you will not get quality writing if the writers are not native. Some writing services claim that their writer panel is comprised of native and professional writers but the writing styles do not match with that claim. So you should check sample writings before you decide to work with them.

An essay written by an expert or a professional is always unique and precise. It reflects the message clearly and proficiently. Services by an expert or a professional holding a Ph.D. or MA degree will cost you high but if you are in budget constraint then you should look for the services where they pay proper attention to selecting the most talented and professional writers. Again the customer reviews are the good option to look if you want to know the level of expertise of the writers and services.

Specialization and Reputation of the Service Provider

The best essay writing service provider must be capable of helping you with all types of essay writings and academic assignments. A good writing service would offer a wide array of services that includes custom writing, research papers, term papers, editing, admissions writing, dissertations, math problems, case studies, lab reports, and many more. So in a simple word, the best service provider would be capable of providing services no matter what type of writing assistance you need as a student.

A good writing service would contain writing experts and professionals who are specialized in their respective field. It takes much time to build a reputation and a reputed writing company offers services nicely done by specialized and dedicated writers. Such a service provider bears the reputation of maintaining the timeframe and delivering the quality piece. Checking for this criteria will not only help you find out the best writing service but also save you from going through the same process of looking for reliable service when you need help for your new essay writing.

Customer Support System

In your academic life, things do not always go the way you expect. The situation may arise when nothing but prompt support can save you. That is why you should choose a service provider that has a dedicated 24x7 support system. When you face any problem with the delivered assignment, their support center would be available to sort it out immediately. Having a customer support center for the best essay writing service is very much important. Otherwise, you cannot get the right service you are looking for.

You may also have questions that you need a quick answer before placing your order. Only a service provider with 24/7 support system can meet these types of necessities. Always keep in mind that a writing service company without a reliable customer support system is not a genuine service provider. There is no point of getting your copies with a very affordable price and expected number of words if you do not get the required revision instantly before submitting your pieces. So before making your final decision to take help regarding your writings, you should carefully check whether the service provider has any customer support center or not.


It is not that much easy to find out the best essay writing service provider that perfectly maintains all these criteria mentioned above. Moreover, there are some service providers that claim themselves as the best in the industry, but in reality, they disappoint you with either poor quality copies or missing the deadline or lacking the customer support center. Hopefully, you have so far understood which criteria you should check before going to choose an essay writing service.

If you are still skeptical about choosing the best essay writing service, you can try the service offered by Custom Essay Writing. We have got some outstanding professionals and skilled writers who are ready to amaze you with the best writings. The writing quality by our specialized writers is very high, we never miss the deadline, we ensure affordable prices for all our services, and we have an awesome friendly customer support team.